NeurollyAcademy is a personalized NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program designed to service toddlers, preschoolers, elementary, high school and college students.

With today’s vigorous and competitive educational standards/settings, NeurollyAcademy equips clients with the tools needed to sharpen “all things academic.”

The NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program is a movement based educational approach that replicates the Developmental Sequence. Neurolly educates about the replication of the development sequence and provides instruction, training and support in the NeuroDevelopmental Program a non-medical educational approach to equipping the brain for life. This program is based on the science of neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections especially in response to learning or experiences or following an injury. The NeuroDevelopmental Program consists of patterned movements, mobility, sensory and related activities. The personalized program consists of an initial assessment, education, instructions and training followed by reassessments.

“My 8-year-old son used to have daily rages/meltdowns. Could not control his emotions at all, and definitely the most violent of my 4 kids. … he never rages anymore, and very rarely gets upset enough to hit or kick anyone. He now channels his emotions by arguing passionately (lol) and singing. Major improvement!”

R. Lewinson, Mom

“The difference between this year and last year is night and day.” Listen as one mother shares the academic benefits that have resulted from her daughter with learning disabilities using the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program.

How it works:

  • NeuroDevelopmental Assessment: clients participate in a non-invasive, stress free movement-based educational assessment. This usually takes three to four hours.
  • Personalized Program: Neurolly assigns, educates, and trains clients on the Replication of the Developmental Sequence (RDS), providing our clients with a personalized program to meet desired goals and equip the brain for life!
  • Natural Environment: clients complete their daily program at home or their natural environment of choice.

Neurolly believes there is life beyond labels, limitations, and loss.

NeurollyAcademy equips clients with the tools needed to sharpen “all things academic.”

“Learning specialist said he jumped 3 levels. Since September he is up THREE (3) reading levels, he is now enjoying math – he has memorized his multiplication facts!

Other improvements include sports and coordination, e.g. his stamina is improved. He is more expressive, raising his hand to participate in school, very chatty on his last school trip (this is very good, he used to refrain from engaging socially). Engaging more with peers and teachers. Also, improved reading fluency, he is less resistant to reading aloud. He is encouraged!

NeuroDevelopmental Movement has made a HUGE difference, I SHOULD HAVE FIGURED IT OUT SOONER. What we have gained SURPASSED the minimal sacrifice! It has been worth it.”

Grateful Mom

“No more pulling his hair out at the top of his head. Been keeping it super short for over a year and now it’s growing and NO PULLING! Yay!!”

E. Eppard, Mom

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Jocelyn Williams, at 317.936.6797.


Disclaimer: Neurolly Solutions, Inc., does not clinically diagnose or treat any specific medical or psychiatric condition. Jocelyn R. Williams/M.A.Ed. is an educator. Mrs. Williams is not a physician, psychologist, or credentialed mental health worker. The scope of her consultation services does not include the treatment or diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders. If a client suspects that they many have an ailment, illness or mental health concern that may require medical attention they are encouraged to consult with a licensed physician or professional.