Interview with Jocelyn Williams, M.A.Ed., Indiana’s first onsite local Developmental Movement Consultant.

NeurollyBaby is a personalized infant NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program designed to service expectant parents, infants, and babies.

Neurolly Solutions Inc., LLC, educates about the Developmental Sequence (DS) by providing clients and their families with the knowledge needed to help their “precious littles” get a head start in equipping the brain for life!

The Developmental Sequence is what every infant needs to start the maturation process of the neurological foundation level of the brain. When the neurology of the brain has not been well developed or has had an injury, the long-term consequences can vary both in scope and depth in life. Possible examples include, but are not limited to: anxiety, inattentiveness, a sense of emptiness, and/or sensory processing disorders. Creating a solid neurological foundation during brain development increases the likelihood of the child succeeding academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

The NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program is a movement-based educational approach based on the Developmental Sequence.  Neurolly educates about the Developmental Sequence and provides instruction, training and support through the NeuroDevelopmental Program. The NeuroDevelopmental Program is a non-medical educational approach to equipping the brain for life. This program is based on the science of neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections especially in response to learning or experiences or following an injury. The NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program will consist of patterned movements, mobility, sensory experiences and related activities. The personalized program will consist of an initial assessment, education, instructions and training followed by reassessments.

NeurollyBaby is a personalized infant NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program designed to provide expectant parents, infants, and babies not yet walking with equal access and opportunity to participate in his or her Developmental Sequence. 

“We attribute a lot of our baby girl’s development to working closely with Jocelyn. At our daughter’s one-year check up, our doctor was amazed at our daughter’s mental development and motor skills for her age. Doc continues to comment on her advanced development.”

S. & D. Linette, Parents

How it works:

  • Infant NeuroDevelopmental Assessment: is an educational assessment to help clients determine if and how their infant is completing their Developmental Sequence.
  • Personalized Program: Neurolly assigns, educates, trains and provides personal support to clients about the Developmental Sequence as it relates to their personal goals.
  • Natural Environment: clients complete their daily program at home or in their natural environment of choice.

Neurolly believes there is life beyond labels, limitations, and loss.

Neurolly, equipping the brain for life!

Take the next step! Connect with your local Developmental Movement Consultant:

Jocelyn Williams, at 317.936.6797.


Disclaimer: Neurolly Solutions, Inc., does not clinically diagnose or treat any specific medical or psychiatric condition. Jocelyn R. Williams/M.A.Ed. is an educator. Mrs. Williams is not a physician, psychologist, or credentialed mental health worker. The scope of her consultation services does not include the treatment or diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders. If a client suspects that they many have an ailment, illness or mental health concern that may require medical attention they are encouraged to consult with a licensed physician or professional.