NeurollyAdults is a personalized NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program for adults of all ages. 

Our adult clients have expressed some of following goals: to improve their overall well-being, to decrease stress and to improve their overall endurance. Our clients have reported long-term improvement in memory, energy, emotional stability, physical strength, balance, coordination, and more while participating in the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program.

“The NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program was a game changer for me! I began the program at age 33 with the intent to optimize my performance professionally and soon realized how much of my brain power went into compensating for little sensory things that drained my energy. Within months of doing the program, my focus increased, physical and mental energy lasted longer, anxiety decreased, and general health improved from less emotional and environmental stress! I had no idea all of the little things I had “put up with” that once resolved would increase my daily capacity. I highly recommend this program for adults looking to take their well-being and performance to the next level!


The NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program is a movement based educational approach that is based on the replication of the Developmental Sequence. Neurolly educates about the replication of the Development Sequence (DS) and provides instruction, training and support in the NeuroDevelopmental Program a non-medical educational approach to equip the brain for life. This program is based on the science of neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections especially in response to learning or experiences or following an injury. The NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program will consist of patterned movements, mobility, sensory and related activities. The personalized program will consist of an initial assessment, education, instructions, training and support followed by reassessments.

How it works:

  • NeuroDevelopmental Assessment: clients participate in a non-invasive stress free educational assessment. This usually takes three to four hours.
  • Personalized Program: Neurolly assigns, educates, and trains clients on the Replication of the Developmental Sequence (RDS), providing our clients with a personalized program to meet desired goals and equip the brain for life.
  • Natural Environment: clients complete their daily program at home or their natural environment of choice.

Neurolly believes there is life beyond labels, limitations, and loss.

Our clients are meeting their goals and equipping the brain for life!

Take the next step! Connect with your local Developmental Movement Consultant:

Jocelyn Williams, at 317.936.6797.


Disclaimer: Neurolly Solutions, Inc., does not clinically diagnose or treat any specific medical or psychiatric condition. Jocelyn R. Williams/M.A.Ed. is an educator. Mrs. Williams is not a physician, psychologist, or credentialed mental health worker. The scope of her consultation services does not include the treatment or diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders. If a client suspects that they many have an ailment, illness or mental health concern that may require medical attention they are encouraged to consult with a licensed physician or professional.