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Upcoming Events:

Free Webinars:

Neurolly Solutions Inc., LLC will continue hosting a series of webinars each Thursday evening at 8 pm/EST. Thank for you participating and for your enthusiasm!

Links to recent webinars: 

Webinar: “Mama Help, I want to Learn!” with guest speaker Sargent Goodchild
Webinar:  Identifying and Overcoming Trauma with guest speaker Bette Lamont
Webinar:  Homeschooling, is it for me? with guest speaker Emma Eppard
Webinar:  NeuroDevelopmental Movement Q & A with Jocelyn Williams

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Ongoing Events:

The Developmental Sequence: Equipping the Brain for Life!

Date/Time: Recurring FREE/ONLINE Event
Next Occurence: March 22nd 2022
7:30-9:00pm EDT

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Join us to learn about:

  • The Developmental Sequence
  • Brain development during the early years and its impact on life
  • A hands-on personalized developmental movement program to prepare for life and/or overcome life struggles

Who should join us:

  • Expecting and new families who want to give their babies a head start!
  • Parents, caregivers, and professionals who know anyone struggling through life.

Dear Friend,

I invite you to join me for a one hour ONLINE informational session. During our time together, I will share my knowledge with you about the DEVELOPMENTAL SEQUENCE and its impact on brain development and what you can do now to equip the brain for life.

Our last online event was SOLD out! Be sure to claim your spot today.

Jocelyn Williams, M.A.Ed.