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Upcoming Events:

The Indy Birth Alliance Summer 2020 Education Series hosted by Neurolly Solutions Inc.

We are pleased to announce that Neurolly will be hosting the SUMMER 2020 Indy Birth Alliance Education Series which will take place each Monday at 8 pm/EST beginning August 2nd. The Indy Birth Alliance (IBA) is a group of birth professionals empowering a healthy birth community through support, service, education, and advocacy.

Join us and a variety of guest speakers each week as we dive into birth and infant related topics such as:

  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Doula Services
  • Fertility Coaching
  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
  • Postpartum Care
  • Spinning Babies
  • VBAC
  • The Infant Developmental Sequence and more!

Please note: Times listed are in the EASTERN STANDARD time zone. The video platform we will be using is ZOOM. ACCESS LINKS will be sent out 1 week prior to the event. If you have any questions you may reach out to Jocelyn Williams at or check out our Indy Birth Alliance Community Group on Facebook.


Effective Parenting Online Course: Building New Pathways and Changing Behaviors with Donna Palmer, Behavior Intervention Specialist

I (Jocelyn) decided to give the parenting course a try in hopes of sharpening my parenting skills and helping my clients. I am glad I did! Amongst other improvements, my kiddo is now cleaning up his room, on his own with out constant reminders and redo’s! It is so freeing and refreshing NOT having to NAG! I encourage you to register for this course!

Begins Monday, June 22, 2020, at 8 pm/EST.

In this 5-week online course, join Donna Palmer as she teaches you real practical strategies that are proven to work. Along with guest speaker Alexandra Lily who will enlighten you about your child’s brain development.

In this course you will:

  • Learn about the child that you have
  • Identify inappropriate behaviors
  • Understand why your child behaves the way he/she does
  • Learn practical strategies to manage inappropriate behaviors
  • Understand yourself as a parent/caregiver and your style of parenting
  • Learn how to establish a loving authority over your child
  • Learn about brain development and this may correlate to your child’s behavior
  • Become aware of your child’s sexuality
  • Be more equipped to build a long-lasting and positive relationship with your child
  • Get the best out of your child

For this course, the regular price is $129.99 *Enroll now for only $69.99*

To register for the course simply email Alexandra Lily, Developmental Movement Consultant at


Creative Parenting Solutions Online Summit hosted by Jessica Allen

Location: Online Event
Cost: FREE, registration required

To hear Jocelyn’s interview with Jessica entitled, “Creative Family Solutions: A parent’s guide to keeping your kids productive, learning and thriving at home.” CLICK HERE

Description: This is for parents like you who want to be creative, smart, and resourceful with their children. The world is hurting right now. But we can do our small part to turn this time of a world-pandemic and upheaval into triumph in our homes!

Jessica has invited twenty-one expert parent coaches, family therapists, health coaches, and homeschool moms to give you a powerful wealth of knowledge and tools to keep your kids productive, learning, and thriving at home! 

This summit is striving to answer questions such as

  • How can I set up a healthy and thriving environment for my kids? 
  • What are some creative and fun activities to keep my kids focused, productive, and learning at home? 
  • How do I address family dynamics like conflict, disappointment, and discipline at this time? 
  • Amidst the stressors, how do I go from being a stressED-out parent to a genuine leader, and pillar of encouragement for my kids? 

To take advantage of this opportunity, register for the Creative Family Solutions Summit by CLICKING HERE.


Free Webinars:

Neurolly Solutions Inc., LLC will continue hosting a series of webinars each Thursday evening at 8 pm/EST. Thank for you participating and for your enthusiasm!

Links to recent webinars: 

Webinar: “Mama Help, I want to Learn!” with guest speaker Sargent Goodchild
Webinar:  Identifying and Overcoming Trauma with guest speaker Bette Lamont
Webinar:  Homeschooling, is it for me? with guest speaker Emma Eppard
Webinar:  NeuroDevelopmental Movement Q & A with Jocelyn Williams

Please feel free to pass these links along to your family and friends.


Ongoing Events:

The Developmental Sequence: Equipping the Brain for Life!

Date/Time: FREE/ONLINE Event, registration is ongoing. Register to select a time.


Join us to learn about:

  • The Developmental Sequence
  • Brain development during the early years and its impact on life
  • A hands-on personalized developmental movement program to prepare for life and/or overcome life struggles

Who should join us:

  • Expecting and new families who want to give their babies a head start!
  • Parents, caregivers, and professionals who know anyone struggling through life.

Dear Friend,

I invite you to join me for a one hour ONLINE informational session. During our time together, I will share my knowledge with you about the DEVELOPMENTAL SEQUENCE and its impact on brain development and what you can do now to equip the brain for life.

Our last online event was SOLD out! Be sure to claim your spot today.

Jocelyn Williams, M.A.Ed.